The full list of contaminants that we currently detect is listed here. If there is a parameter you are interested in measuring not listed here, please reach out and we can let you know if we can run testing for you to determine if it’s visible with our sensor.

Our sensor runs every one to five minutes, creating a new data point on your stream. This data point arrives to your interface or SCADA in under a minute from the moment the data is gathered.

With realtime data, processes can be optimized. In the average water treatment facility, realtime data results in chemical usage reduction of 25-30%. 

Yes! You need the data where it makes operational sense. We are more than happy to interface with your SCADA system. Contact us to discuss the protocols you wish to use.

The sensor detects Dissolved Solids. We function best in low Total Suspended Solid waters, with low or no oil or organics in the stream. 

Yes! We can currently detect 5 elements per sensor system, and we expect to be releasing 10 element sensors in the near future. Please reach out with your specific parameters to determine if we can solve your problem with one sensor. 

At this point, each sensor monitors only one point in an operation. If you require more than one sensor please reach out to discuss volume discounts.

The system is designed for low maintenance.  The device requires quarterly calibration cycles, and an annual cleaning/checkup. 

It does require regular supplies of two reagents.  The sensor needs quarterly calibration runs and requires the addition of a calibration solution.  While caution needs to be used when supplying the reagent or the calibration solution, it is not a high skill activity and our documentation provides the required safety protocols.