Cadmium Sensor

Detect Cadmium in Real Time

Cadmium occurs naturally in zinc, in lead and copper ores, in coal and other fossil fuels. Major industrial releases of cadmium can be found in waste streams and leaching of landfills, and from a variety of operations that involve cadmium and/or zinc, such as extraction. Cadmium can be found in drinking water as a result of deterioration of galvanized plumbing, industrial waste contamination, or surface water contamination by some fertilizers.

The control of cadmium is vital due to the deleterious health effects. The US EPA has established a maximum of 0.005 mg/L (5 ppb) for cadmium in drinking water, and often industrial site license will have their own limit.

AquaValid Sensor

The AquaValid sensor can connect to any pipe or flowing system, and monitor on a real time basis for up to five metals. The sensor is fully automated, handling sample taking and preparation without human intervention. Detecting into the PPB, the sensor can handle water from heavy industrial matrices to drinking water applications.


Connects To Any Flow Of Water

Connect our sensor to any pipe or water flow where you need the data now.

Fully Automated

Our sensor reports metals without the help of a skilled user. Just plug it in and get the data you need when you need it.

Maintenance and Support

We never abandon you. Our sensors are supported and maintained throughout their life in your facility.


Suitable For Multiple Applications

Detection levels from PPM to PPB depending on application and contaminant


Results to screen or SCADA system


Installation Requirements For Our Sensor

Power 120V, 15A circuit

Sample source line

Waste water line 

Clean water line
Vent to Atmosphere
Internet connectivity

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