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Our goal at 2S Water is to protect the worlds water with real-time data. Our company is building advanced, automated water sensors for water treatment, lithium brine analysis  and industrial process control. Our core product, the AquaValid sensor, uses plasma emission spectroscopy to quantify elemental contamination such as heavy metals in water. We are currently working with mining companies to ensure their water treatment is working correctly and give early warning of any events that could lead to contaminated water being released.

Are you inspired to help improve water quality? Want to make the world a better place? 2S Water are looking for a Developer to help with product development and support. We’re on a mission to protect the world’s water, and we want you to join us. 

Looking for someone who loves new challenges, is a creative thinker, and technically skilled with data handling.   

Front End Developer for Hardware

2S Water is developing a web interface to our cloud based data processing system. As we move out of the laboratory and into the field there is an increasing need for a user friendly, client facing interface to our system. 

This role would begin with the porting of command line tools for the operation and observation of our system to web based dashboards. Existing data visualization tools need to be expanded upon to allow us and our users to quickly visualize important data, selected out of a large store of spectral readings and associated metadata.

These improved data visualization tools will help users understand what is happening in their water in a way that allows them to act upon it. This is as diverse as an on site display showing an operator real time heavy metal contamination data to a monthly report on the operation of a wastewater treatment plant seen by management.

Our technology stack for this project is:

We have not chosen any front end libraries such as React or Angular for this project. Part of this role will be to select what tools are to be used and integrate them with the existing AWS services.

Knowledge of Python is beneficial to this role as all of our existing code base and back end services are written in it.

We are a multidisciplinary team building and operating plasma emission spectroscopy equipment, as well as a reasonably complex liquid handling system all backed by a cloud based IoT system with machines in remote parts of multiple countries. Our projects often cover multiple scientific and engineering domains at once, if this is the kind of thing that you think sounds fun we encourage you to apply! 

This role involves travel and client interactions. As the creator of the user interface, we will expect you to go to the field and assist in installations, training and maintenance using the software you have developed to understand how it works. Assisting end users in the commissioning and operation of the machine provides real world feedback on design choices made in the office. 

If you have an interest in getting more hands on, with a real product in real field applications, and you are excited about a positive environmental impact, then this could be the role for you! 

* Build a front end 

Using our initial design, build and deploy a user interface for data viewing. Build and deploy a user interface for machine operation. 

 Link to backend data

Interface front end with python back end to extract and display relevant data. 

* Customer deploys

Learn to work with and deploy machines. Work with customers using the front end you have developed in the field. 

* Iterate and Improve

Use experience with clients to design and implement improvements to the system. 

* Collaborate with the Research and Development Team

Work with the R&D team to interface data and systems with new advancements in the core technology. 

* Organize and store data displays

Ensuring the large quantity of data generated is easily accessed and understood by clients, including reports, emails, and web interface interactions.  

* Operate in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment and with AWS tooling

Our main servers operate in Amazon’s Montreal datacenter, the majority of our automated data collection is handled by our AWS services. AWS is large, complex and always changing so training will be available on an ongoing basis.

* Program Proficiently 

Python is the official programming language of 2S Water, whenever possible it is used. The front end Developer will work in HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and interface with the python programming. Python support is available, but a basic grasp is required. Programming training is available on an ongoing basis.

Other Requirements:


2S Water has a laboratory in Esquimalt B.C. This position will be a flexible combination of work from home and in-person based on the requirements for different tasks.    

Salary Expectations:

$70,000 – 90,000 Pension and insurance. Paid vacation and sick leave.


This role requires travel to client sites. Up to 50% travel.

COVID Expectations:

Please note that full COVID vaccination is a requirement of all positions at 2S Water Inc.

Please apply by sending your resume to [email protected]