Work With Us!

Our goal at 2S Water is to protect the worlds water with real-time data. Our company is building advanced, automated water sensors for water treatment, lithium brine analysis  and industrial process control. Our core product, the AquaValid sensor, uses plasma emission spectroscopy to quantify elemental contamination such as heavy metals in water. We are currently working with mining companies to ensure their water treatment is working correctly and give early warning of any events that could lead to contaminated water being released.

Are you inspired to help improve water quality? Want to make the world a better place? 2S Water are looking for a sensor technician to help with product development and support. We’re on a mission to protect the world’s water, and we want you to join us. 

Sensor Technician

2S Water is looking for a technician to service and maintain our remote, networked water contamination sensors. This role involves a mix of laboratory and field work to deploy and support networked arrays of water sensors into the mining industry. You will be a member of a multidisciplinary team based in Victoria B.C. who will help you understand the science behind our sensor and the engineering that goes into making it run so that you can be their hands and eyes in the field.





We are open to people from a wide range of backgrounds but preference is given to people with previous water treatment or mining industry experience.


COVID Expectations:

Please note that full COVID vaccination is a requirement of all positions at 2S Water Inc.

Please apply by sending your resume to [email protected]